If it’s your first time in an Agogo, you might feel scared or don’t know how things work. Being a “virgin” playing around with Pattaya girls might be overwhelming.

That is normal, so relax.

At Windmill Club we want you to have the best time ever whether you are partying with us or not.

We have created this guide to help you avoid the pitfall most first timers experience when visiting an Agogo bar in Pattaya.

We’ve heard so many stories from customers in Walking Street;

~ I sit in the bar for an hour, and none of the girls talk to me.
~ What is a lady drink?
~ Drink, and drink and drink more… and go back to the room alone.
~ Why there is a shower in the bar?
~ Does it sound familiar?

Many people contact us every day with all sort of questions;

~ Can I take a GoGo dancer out of the club?
~ Can I call the girls before I go Pattaya?
~ Do you offer accommodation?

We wrote this Pattaya Agogo Bars & Girls Guide because we want you to enjoy in our clubs with peace of mind.

Ready to get started? Let’s go




Are You Too Old For Girls In Pattaya?

Sexy Pattaya Girls

I’ve always been shy of sexy ladies.

Insecure about my looks, body, & career. It’s been a lonely world for me. And, as time passes, it hasn’t gotten any better. My sex life has been a box of tissues for most of it.

Got some easy lays in my late teens with average looking ladies, even married one of them & it didn’t end well.



Do You Feel Lonely? Pattaya Is The Cure

never lonely with pattaya girls

Maybe this should be titled “How to beat loneliness.”

If you’ve ever experienced a brutal winter in Europe or North America & some parts of Australia – You know the feeling of cold that gets under your skin and hits your bones.



Getting The Wrong Girl In Pattaya


Are you looking for love or lust from a girl in Pattaya?

It’s the easiest thing to get both in Pattaya. And, if you are a regular traveler to our sexy city, you will know what I am talking about.

If you have never been to Pattaya, the chances are, that once you do come, you will become a regular visitor.



Are Girls In Pattaya All The Same?

I bet when you read the title question you thought of a negative experience you had with a girl.

And I don’t just mean a girl in Pattaya.

It got you thinking of shitty experiences from girls in your past that makes you say to yourself ‘they are all the same’… Bitches!



What Makes Agogo Bars The Best In Pattaya

best-pattaya-agogoGirls. End of story? Not even close.

The hottest girls are a key ingredient in the pie. I love eating Pattaya Pie, I eat it every day… Hmmmm Pussy Pie…

But hot girls can really have an attitude & become untouchable. So what’s the point of that?



Lady Drink Ripoff; Did it happen to you?

lady drinks in Pattaya AGo-go bars


Maybe it’s happened to you? Maybe it’s happened to someone you know? 

You’re in an Agogo bar in Pattaya having a great time – the bill comes – and it seems very high. Did you really order that many drinks?



Bangkok Girls or Pattaya Girls?

Even though two ladies may migrate from the same province in Northern Thailand, even the same village, once settled in either Bangkok or Pattaya they will develop two very different attitudes.



4 Ways to enjoy Asian girls with big breasts

Original (Natural) or Copy (Enhanced)

That’s how girls in Pattaya like to describe their breasts – it’s easy to work out the meaning of each.



How to get the hottest Asian girl that you always wanted

You love Asian girls, mee too

Are you getting the Asian girl you always want?

Or are you getting the ones you only think you deserve?



When is the best right time to visit Pattaya?

You are planning a trip to Pattaya to experience all the tropical pleasures it offers but want to get the timing right.



3 Tips for selecting Hotels in Pattaya

There are a few things you would never normally consider when deciding on a Hotel in Pattaya



Sunsets in Pattaya (A short story)

I have been to Windmill Club many times before, but never this early…




Why a Thai bank account is a good idea for you

You are in Pattaya for the girls, what’s a Thai bank account got to do with Thai girls?



Bisexual Girls in Pattaya

Enjoying to girls at the same time is on many a man’s bucket list



Speaking Thai For Fun With Pattaya Girls 

Does it help if you can speak Thai in Pattaya Agogo Bars? I found out that knowing a few words can be a playful tool with the girls.



Online dating Pattaya girls

Pattaya agogo bar girl

Did online dating in your home country leave you disappointed?

I have been there & I have a solution for you.



 Tips for multiple Pattaya girlfriends

Pattaya Girlfriends

More than one girl at a time or multiple girlfriends is easier to achieve than you might think.

It’s possible to have your cake and eat it too.



 What is Pussy Without Attitude?

Pattaya Girls

If we only had 3 words to describe the pure essence of Windmill Club Pattaya


 Best hotels in Pattaya

Finding the best hotels in Pattaya can be a pain.

If you don’t know the area well or understand the hotels rules for bringing back different girls every night means you might not have the best holiday.

Don’t worry, we will cover a few important points and point you in the right direction.


2 mistakes guys make with a Pattaya Girl

Pattaya Girl


Even with the best advice in world, guys still do this…