Why a Thai bank account is good a idea for you

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You are in Pattaya for the girls, what’s a Thai bank account got to do with Thai girls?This place gets in your system, the moment you are on the plane heading home you will be working out how soon you can get back to the land of smiles.

The way I see it…

Pattaya Beach, Thailand, is never a one time destination. It’s not like the Eiffel Tower – when you’ve seen it, you’ve seen it. Pattaya becomes a lifestyle choice, with many people always looking for ways to settle and build a life here.
Packing in your life and moving to Pattaya isn’t something I would recommend – but I know you will be temped
Usually the best option is splitting your vacation time up into small pieces so you can be here more often. There is always a yearly blowout option – but I couldn’t wait.

With the understanding that Pattaya will be your go to destination when you have any spare time and money, you will want to make getting around as easy as possible.

Your first trip here, you might enjoy the whole planning phase and build up. But as multiple trips pass by you’ll have your favorite airline, transport, hotel, club, and girl or girls that you gravitate to. It’s all about getting the best bang for your buck and time (pun intended).
A Thai bank account enables you to keep money you haven’t spent in Thailand. Sure you could just keep it in your wallet or top draw at home until your next trip. Whatever you do, don’t change it back to your home country’s currency – you always get screwed changing money back. Speaking of currency exchange – you can almost always get a great rate when doing and international third party transfer (not through your local bank).

Currency transfer is big business now, with lots of competition – simply Google it – they want your business.

Transferring money from your home country, to your Thai bank account, saves carrying it around with you. I don’t know about you, but carrying an ATM card around when I am enjoying everything Pattaya has to offer works better for me than carrying around a load of cash. When I get drunk, I can get a bit loose. Having a set amount of cash on me, then needing to go to the ATM machine for more cash, helps me rein it in.

You can also use your ATM card directly in our Club.

No over the top fees too when withdrawing your own cash.
The cost of having a Thai bank account usually is just the annual renewal fee for the ATM card – that can be as little as 350 baht (about USD 10 at time of writing this)

We have bank parties regularly in partnership with Bangkok Bank.

The Bangkok Bank team arrive at around 7pm ready to open your account whilst you are enjoying Windmill Club. The team are gone by 10pm, so best get in early it you would like their assistance. Be sure to put yourself on our list if you wish to be notified of these or any other special events we put on at the Club.

You can always go directly to our preferred Bangkok Bank branch and open your account with no hassles – just tell them Windmill Club sent you and they will get you sorted.

Walking Street Pattaya Branch located on the corner of Beach Road & Walking Street.

83,83/1 Moo 10 T.Nongprue, A.Banglamung, Chonburi 20150 Tel 038-415-369-70

Branch manager Jarinya Jantarathada Mobile; 08-3686-1333 email; [email protected]

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