Tips for multiple Pattaya girlfriends

Best Pattaya Agogo and Thai girls

Got an insane sex drive?
Get bored with the same Thai girl?
Always see another Thai pretty you just have to have?

It’s possible to have your cake and eat it too.

More than one girl at a time or multiple girlfriends is easier to achieve than you might think. The challenge is stopping one girl finding out about the other. You are spoiled for choice, if Pattaya is your hunting ground, for beautiful ladies to make yours. And, provided you are a man with at least moderate means in life (meaning – you can pay your rent, feed yourself and put clothes on your back) you’ve got it made with the ladies. For those who just have to have as many girlfriends at one time as your body, brain & wallet can handle, you’ve got everything you need right here in Pattaya.

But, a word of warning,

Thai ladies are famously jealous types. And not the type you might be used to in your home country. We are talking – cut your dick off kind of jealous – seriously. That kind of intensity that Thai ladies bring to your relationships can be addictive. It’s nice to be wanted after not being wanted so much by western women for so many years. It can get a bit overwhelming though – gents can find themselves in a lot of hot water because moving on is not easy – she might not want to let you go. As I type this, I realise that although having multiple Pattaya girlfriends is so easy to achieve actually maintaining multiple relationships is a real art & most of the time a dangerous headache to have.

Thank goodness for Agogo Bars – where you can go and get yourself a new girlfriend every night.

Pattaya girlfriend

Just don’t make any statements or hints at love or anything beyond that the next day. Sweet talk, which you may term as friendly banter, can be taken very seriously & before you know it you’ve got a new room mate. If you’ve got an really insane sex drive, you can get your fix anytime of the day in Pattaya – with no drama. If you see a Thai pretty you just have to have – go and get her. If you get bored with the same girl – stop being with the same girl. But what about multiple girlfriends?
You may like the security of knowing that someone is always at home or available for you. You can get that in Pattaya without the heavy commitment – you just need to come to a set arrangement with a girl you like. Explain what you want, and if she is up for it – she will tell you how you are both to go about it.

Or, a easier option,

get one of our club Mamasang’s to sort it for you. Sounds easy enough? It is. But for some reason we find ourselves getting attached and then it all goes pear shaped from there. She will dance to the music played, so don’t change your tune. Unless you are sure you are ready to change your tune & turn the volume up on your relationship together – then go for it.

Take your time.

Understand that your little head may be doing all your thinking for you. A good way to go, if you find yourself getting attached and mentally building a life together, separate yourself from her for a night. This will give you time to get the big head working again. You can also enjoy the company of another lady, for a short time, & this can help clear both your little & big heads. Our club is separated into two levels and the girls don’t cross over between the two, so you can just change levels in the club if you want some time away from your main squeeze.

Or, head over to Annabelle’s (our sister club).

And, when both of your heads are clear, you make better life choices. Don’t get caught, trapped, or whatever you want to call it, by your own self limiting belief of what you deserve either. If you ain’t feeling it with your lady, for whatever reason, move on. In total you will always have more than 100 Thai girlfriends to choose from within our clubs.

Life is too short not to be happy.

And if you can’t be happy in Pattaya – where can you be happy?
See you in the club