Sunsets in Pattaya (A short story)

Best Pattaya Agogo and Thai girls

It was just before opening time at The Windmill Agogo bar in Pattaya,

I had walked from my hotel and arrived early, the door man let me in and called out to one of the service staff to look after me.

I’ve been to Windmill club many times before but never this early.

At this time of day, as the sun sets in Pattaya City, it’s a real feast for your eyes. The area around Walking Street develops a unique appeal for me as most clubs are getting ready for the night ahead and beautiful Thai girls are streaming in on the back of motorbikes getting dropped off and making their way to the Agogo bars where they work.

Some girls are dressed to the nines with hair and makeup immaculately in place. Some girls look like they just got out of bed in their t-shirt dresses, flip flops and bedroom hair. Either way I love Pattaya girls.

Girls in Pattaya are my favorite

As I entered Windmill Agogo bar, girls were everywhere, the lights were on and the music off, an intoxicating smell of fresh lotion just applied to their beautiful bodies filled the air and the chatter of the girls talking to each other. Most girls are on their knees gazing into the mirrors that cover the entire walls of the club – their cute bums are jutting slightly out for me to salivate over – getting their makeup just right before the real party begins.

Pattaya Girls I love them

I couldn’t tell you what the girls where chatting about,

I don’t speak Thai & have had no real use for it. I only want a basic level of communication with my girls in Pattaya – it just works best for me that way.

I’d never seen the club like this, I loved it.

I could sense the night ahead was full of possibilities – It was very exciting.

Making my way directly to the second floor, I got settled with my draft beer. Many of the girls recognized me – it felt good to be remembered. Turns out I wasn’t the only customer who was early, 4 of us in total. It also turns out I like the feeling of there not being many customers in the club – because it felt like I had all the girls to myself.

Must make a point of getting in early more often.

The lights went down and the final countdown played, this was the cue for all the girls to get on stage and it was time for them to play naughty. There was no need for warm ups, the girls got straight into the swing of things. I got a lot of attention and I wanted it. An hour later the club was relatively full, but I had my two girls picked and I was sitting tucked away in the back corner having my own private party.

I remember my first time at Windmill Agogo bar in Pattaya, I was a little shy to the experience that is on offer behind the silver doors of the club.

I’ve come a long way since then.