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  • Did online dating in your home country leave you disappointed?
  • Where you tricked by photos that were taken years ago when the girl was 20 kilos lighter?
  • Did you just get a bunch crazy’s that wanted marriage straight away?
  • Did you experience the worst sex ever or did you get none at all?

I have been there & I have a solution for you.

Dating Pattaya Girls

Online dating has become kinda normal now days. 10 years ago it was embarrassing, to say the least, admiting you tried it or even met your current partner via the World Wide Web of dating.
Now how things have changed. Things change so rapidly it’s hard to keep up.

Thailand has the most number of users, per capita, using online platforms to connect than any other country in the world. Most are female too. So it should come as no surprise to you that Thai ladies are practical experts in the online dating arena. Whether it be social media or paid service sites, there are limitless possibilities to connect with your future lover, girlfriend or wife via cyber space.

The key is to know how to do it, & to make sure that ‘what you get is what you see’.

Your biggest hurdle will be actually meeting a genuine lady online. I mean literally a genuine lady – not a man dressed as a lady. You could spend a lot of time and money getting fleeced by a dude in a dress. It’s not just urban legend. It happens everyday.

Ok, what about real Thai ladies?

The web is full of real sexy Thai ladies looking for foreign men. And, a lot of those ladies work in agogo bars, & that’s a good thing. Why is that a good thing? Well, depending on what club she works in – her working in an agogo bar – it’s a guarantee she is a genuine lady, likes sex, & knows how to please a man. The fantasy of a horny Thai office girl, is just that, a fantasy. Thai office girls are usually shy and aren’t liberated sexually. You may want to take on a shy office girl as a project, but don’t come to me crying when her heavily ingrained cultural conditioning overrides all your efforts to break her out of her shell. You will probably marry her, just to get laid, because she says ‘I’m a good girl’. And when you do finally pop that cherry it’s a real disappointment & an expensive divorce. Or miserable life long commitment is what follows.

Agogo girls are a good bet.

Thai ladies

They are experienced and you can really test drive them before signing the dotted line. Also, the more Agogo girls you experience the better you will become & the better your relationships will become, whether they last a night or a lifetime.
Just another point on the office girl – English is almost always a problem. So communicating at a deep level (if you are into that) is out. Agogo girls deal exclusively with foreigners and develop great communication skills.

So why bother finding a girl online, why not go straight to the Agogo bars?

Good question, & you can do exactly that. Pattaya is home to over 90 Agogo bars, all stocked with ladies from all over Thailand & varying ages & levels of beauty. We have more than 100 Thai ladies between our clubs on any given night. No ladyboys (dudes in dresses) in our clubs ever. Rest assured you will get the experience you are chasing. Be it, one night or forever. We know where to point your ‘compass’.

So, where does that leave online dating for meeting girls in Pattaya?

The value in online dating to meet a girl in Pattaya is that you have a certain date when you arrive. That’s a great feeling knowing that a girl is waiting for you the moment you land. Take her out for a drink & see how it goes in person. Don’t make any commitments online before meeting her. If you do make a commitment & can’t honor it because the girl is not what you expected or the chemistry is not there – she will be very upset and your time in Pattaya will be ruined. She won’t leave you alone the whole time you are here trying to enjoy sexy ladies. Ladies online are experts at getting you to commit before meeting them. Personally I find this too much effort & risk. Sure, I am an AGoGo bar guy, who enjoys walking in pointing to what I want and trying her out there and then. Actually you can find your girl before you arrive at the club, our facebook page is updated everyday with girls pictures and we don’t Photoshop or use Apps to enhance the girls – so, what you see is what you get. And, if you’re not into the girl that’s sitting with you at the club, our Mamasang can move her on and get you another without the drama.

There is so much choice out there.

Pattaya agogo bar girl

Be careful not to fall in love with the First Lady you meet. It happens all the time – guy meets girl – falls in love within minutes. Thai ladies are special, date a few before you make the big step and fall in love.
See you in the club