Getting The Wrong Girl In Pattaya

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Are you looking for love or lust from a girl in Pattaya?

It’s the easiest thing to get both in Pattaya. And, if you are a regular traveler to our sexy city, you will know what I am talking about. If you have never been to Pattaya, the chances are, that once you do come, you will become a regular visitor.

Nobody really treats Pattaya as a one-time thing – like visiting the Eiffel Tower.

Pattaya becomes a lifestyle choice – where you just want to keep coming back for more.
The greatest thing about this lifestyle choice is?


Yep – choice.

But why do guys fall into the same old traps of getting involved with girls that are just not right for them?

I don’t know.

Because, the truth is, you could date a different girl every day for the next 3 months just from our talent pool at Windmill Club. And that’s just with what’s on offer today. We turn over about 5 new girls a day – so you could go on for years and never eat the same piece of pie two days in a row.

I love eating ‘PIE’! – Small and big alike.

So why get stuck with a pain in the ass Pattaya girl that gives you nothing but grief?

Write to me and let me know the answer – if you know it.

Although I may not know why guys get caught up with the wrong girls in Pattaya – I know it can happen to anybody, including me. So I take great care to never put myself in harm’s way.

I like having my variety of ladies and I am sure to make that clear from the start when I enjoy a new ladies company.

Sometimes I will get the Mamasang to let my new girl know what I am wanting before I go out with her.

Mamasang’s make great wing ladies – I highly recommend you use them.

Tell the Mamasang what you want – don’t be shy & don’t bullshit them – they have heard it all before.

Besides that, what’s the point of not getting everything you want with girls in Pattaya? Some girls will, and some won’t, be up for whatever you are into. But, the Mamasang will get you sorted if you just ask her.



It’s sometimes hard to know the difference. One thing is for sure, girls in Pattaya will tell you they love you very quickly. Regular travelers will read that last sentence and laugh – because happens to you almost every time you visit.

For the newbies? You will probably find yourself saying you love her too. And maybe you do, who knows.

But, it’s probably best that you play the field a bit. Pattaya is new world, & treated with respect, it can really change your life for the better.

People can really discover themselves here because of the freedom it provides.

A freedom that you won’t experience anywhere else in the world.

You might find that you enjoy the company of many ladies at the same time – & that’s great.

Maybe, after all that is said and done, you are the marrying kind.

Some of our ladies have married out of the club. And why not?
I think it’s a great idea – really.

Think of it like this – she knows how to make a man happy.
Why marry a lady who is clueless around your block and tackle.
She might also be able to cook and clean.

See you at the club.

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