Do You Feel Lonely? Pattaya Is The Cure

Best Pattaya Agogo and Thai girlsMaybe this should be titled “How to beat loneliness.”

If you’ve ever experienced a brutal winter in Europe or North America & some parts of Australia – You know the feeling of cold that gets under your skin and hits your bones.

Feel lonely and alone

You go out and face the coldness – day in, day out. And when you come home – it stays with you all through the night. And when you wake up – it’s there again by your side.

For months you are attached to this horrible harsh winter – like a bad relationship you can’t get out of. But even a bad relationship would be better than being alone in the cold.

A warm body on top of you, next to you, always close. A warm naked body radiating heat – now that’s a winter worth having.

You can always escape the cold by jetting off to a warm location or moving to a warm climate. Winter will end, it will be spring then summer – but the loneliness stays with you.

So, ‘How to beat loneliness’?

You guessed it – Pattaya

Pattaya best cure to loliness

You will beat the cold year round in Pattaya. But more importantly – you will beat the loneliness.

No more waking up without a hot beautiful body next to you. And no more being stuck in a bad relationship because you are afraid of the loneliness.

Remember I mentioned bad relationships earlier, and how we stay in them because we just want somebody.

“I know the feeling, bro.”

It does happen in Pattaya – not because you don’t have other ladies who want to be with you. But, because you can’t get your ex-Thai-girlfriend to leave you alone.

She knows you have so many options and will replace her within hours of you breaking up.

“Guys forget this all the time!”

They forget that they can have a new girl every day and night and get attached to one girl.

never lonely in Pattaya again

It’s hard to get out of that mindset that you have grown up within your home country. But, with time, & being in the right environment – you can adapt. Adapt to being a free man with more choice than you could ever imagine & never worry about being alone. Now you are choosing when to have time just for yourself.

That’s real freedom & true happiness soon follows.

And please, don’t worry about your age. You aren’t too old for Pattaya girls, actually, the older the better.

Don’t waste time in depressing thoughts either.

Time is the most valuable asset to you – & you want to spend it on your terms.

Spending time on your terms is hard to do if you are always committed to one girl who is afraid of the abundance of pussy that Pattaya provides.

My only committed relationship is with Windmill Club Pattaya. Where I can get a new girl every night with no drama. The know me and explain to the girls what I’m into – no drama.

I always get what I want at Windmill Club. Cheers to club owner David.

David is always on hand and has even posted his direct personally phone number on the walls of the club – in the unlikely event I am not happy, he will sort it.

I beat loneliness & all the horrible things that come with it. You can too!


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