Bisexual Girls in Pattaya

Best Pattaya Agogo and Thai girls
Enjoying two girls at the same time is on many a man’s bucket list.

If one girl feels good, two girls must feel great right!?

Only if the two girls are into each other, & I mean really into each other. Look at it this way – I have no desire to pair up with another man and a girl, and I doubt that you do either – so keep this in mind when you are pairing up two girls to go with you.

I always thought that girls were naturally into other girls, that they were different from us men. Not so.

Some girls are just into men only and vomit in their mouths at the thought of being intimate with another girl. Sure they have no problem brushing each other’s hair and even seeing each other naked – but that’s a long way from her licking another pussy while you are taking her from behind. Some girls will tell you that they are into other girls but when it comes to the deed the passion is not really there.

What is actually worse than one boring girl in the sack?
Two boring girls in the sack.

The solution?

At Windmill Club Pattaya we arguably have the highest concentration of genuine bi girls anywhere in Pattaya. And you don’t have to ask the Mamasang’s or Club Managers who they are – they will be very obvious to you the moment you walk in the club. But, by all means just ask us and we will set you up with whoever you like. The bi girls don’t have to be drunk on cheap whiskey to start enjoying each other’s bodies either because they are genuinely into other girls.

One more thing to keep in mind –

just as you have many Thai girls who are into foreign men, on the flip side, many bisexual Thai girls are into foreign ladies also.

So, if you have a girlfriend or wife, foreign or Thai, & wish to bring her to the club and enjoy? We will take excellent care of you both.

See you at the club