Are Girls In Pattaya All The Same?

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I bet when you read the title question you thought of a negative experience you had with a girl.
And I don’t just mean a girl in Pattaya.

It got you thinking of shitty experiences from girls in your past that makes you say to yourself ‘they are all the same’… Bitches!


I know what you’re thinking about, because I’ve been through it too. Every guy has.
Pattaya is meant to change that for you… If you let it.

But do you really want change?

I hate change in my work and family life. But things were so bad in my personal pussy life that I couldn’t stand the pain no more. I embraced change for about a day, when I first got to Pattaya, & then started labelling my experiences based on my ingrained views of life.

It really screwed with my relationships with ladies in Pattaya.

When I say relationships, I mean any encounter, no matter how brief it was, with a lady.
One hour or one week.

Although I was knee deep in pussy, I was still missing out on its full potential because of the way I was labeling and judging everything.

Of course, I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was falling back into my old comfort/safety zone.
I was bringing my old self to my new world in Pattaya.

The girls were just responding to how I was behaving.

I got to thinking they were all the same in Pattaya, just like the girls back home.
What I discovered was, I could really be whoever I wanted to be in Pattaya because there was nobody from my past to say ‘what’s up with you lately?’ because I was acting so different to my usually self.

You know, the truth is, I just wanted to get my freak on with hot young ladies in Pattaya & I was just wasting time being all shy and shit. Because back home that’s what I was taught I should be.

‘Keep your hands to yourself’ ‘speak when you are spoken to’ When all I wanted to do was ‘Grab ’em on the pussy’ – that’s a famous quote now, but very true words for any red blooded male.

Sure I wanted to change, but I wasn’t really making it happen. Pattaya is pretty normal by all accounts during the day. It’s easy to fall into day to day life in Pattaya and not change, it’s just easy to be comfortable.

hands-on-experince-with-pattaya-girlsThat’s why what we do at Windmill Club is so important to me.

It’s the place where you can really get your freak on and be who you want to be without fear of ever being judged. And the level of fun that you have with the girls in the club is totally up to you.

Just be yourself or be who you have always dreamed of being with the opposite sex.

Pattaya girls are not all the same at all – I am never bored. Although ladies do display similar traits to each other – it’s not their fault, they don’t know any better. They just know what their mum’s sister’s and friends have told them.

That’s how ladies get educated about men – by talking to other ladies. With girls in Pattaya it’s no different except what they really want is a man to lead them and give them direction – try and find a girl like that in your home-town.

So go for it, and see you at the club.

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