2 mistakes guys make with a Pattaya girl

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Are you tired of striking out with girls?

Did you come to Pattaya & ended up with your dick in your hand?

Did you get a girl, only to have her tell you what to do, & still ended up with your dick in your hand?

It’s a common story, when you find a guy that’s honest with you about his first few experiences with ladies in Pattaya. Even when they had an experienced mate guide them on their first trip to the promised land of poon tang. Poon tang – I love using that term for pussy. With all their mate’s experience and advice, they still manage to screw things up, when all they ever wanted to do was just screw.

Your mate can’t be with you while you are in the bedroom banging your girl. And, truth is, in the heat of the moment, all the good advice you have been given just goes out the door. Throw in some alcohol with emotional attachment and you are on the fast track to becoming another Pattaya statistic.

It’s not all your fault.

No matter how new to Pattaya the girl you are with is, she has more experience than you and your mate put together. You’re on her turf, she has the ultimate home turf advantage. But that doesn’t mean you don’t stand a chance. Many guys land on their feet very quickly in Pattaya and experience the sweet peaches that are always ripe and ready for you to pick and taste. What man doesn’t enjoy eating a lady’s sweet fresh peach. As Nicholas Cage once said ‘I can eat a peach for hours’ I think he would love Pattaya.
Heading in with 1 simple strategy to set you on the correct train of thought will help ensure you don’t make the 2 most common mistakes guys make with girls in Pattaya.

Pattaya Girl

Number One
Don’t make the first girl you meet your girlfriend.

This will be the hardest thing for you to commit to. It comes down to our western thinking. We are made to believe that one night stands are wrong or banging more than one girl is wrong. Shameful moral conditioning that’s been passed down from generation to generation.
After you’ve been to Pattaya a few times, just mention to anyone that you regularly go to Thailand and watch their mind tick over and pass judgement. It’s not their fault – they just don’t know any better. Just like you didn’t know any better in the beginning when you decided to commit to the first Thai lady you ever met. We have all been there, you may get lucky, the first girl you meet might be the one. But how will you know for sure? I’m not sure I would buy into the concept that there is that one person for you. With 7 billion people on the planet, finding that one person out of 7 billion would be dam near impossible. By playing the field you get the chance to find out what you want with a woman in Pattaya. This will give you the confidence to walk away from a bad girl because you know that you can catch more of those fish that we always hear about in the sea. Being told there are plenty more fish in the sea is useless if you don’t know how to catch them. And the only way to catch them is by getting more experience with Thai girls and not falling for the first one you meet. That first girl will eventually sense your insecurity of her leaving you and then take advantage of you for all she can. It’s not her fault she is doing the following things to you.

  • Making you beg for sex.
  • Making you take her friends out and paying.
  • Making you buy her a new wardrobe, whenever she feels like it.

You are allowing her to do it by not following the one strategy of playing the field until you understand and know the feeling of abundant pussy. If she steps out of line, you know you can get new pussy within minutes. When your girl senses this, & she will when you reach that point, she won’t step out of line and will value you more than ever.

Value is the keyword here.

Your woman has to get value from you or she needs to leave. And leaving is not what she wants – if she can impress her girlfriends by making you her bitch then that is what she will do. This is not a treat her mean keep her keen thing – no way. That’s just as bad as allowing her to walk all over you. It’s about finding your inner confidence & the more women you bed the more confident you will become & it will show through. A confident man that she can show off to her friends is of more value to her than the new wardrobe. The new wardrobe her friends can just go and buy, but you are something they can’t just go and buy.

Which brings me to mistake number 2 – banging her friends.

Yes – it will happen – her friends will want you. And, unless she is present when you are banging her friend, you will see a side of a Thai girl that will surprise you. Thai girls get very jealous. Thailand has the most recorded cases of women cutting off men’s penises of any country in the world. Fact. Calm is not in their language at all when it comes to their boyfriend banging their friend. Doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Go for it. Just do it discreetly. Maybe I should change mistake number two – banging your girlfriend’s friend and getting caught.
It’s a playground out there in Pattaya City, so go play. You only live once, the question is – Are you living it?

Don’t come to Pattaya and fall back into your unsuccessful life patterns from back home. You can be who you want to be in Pattaya. No one will judge you – you just need to respect the impact that your actions have on those around you. Simple really. Happiness is waiting for you.

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If for any reason your night with us isn’t going the way you had planned? Ask for one of the club managers. We will do everything we can to make your night the very best.

See you at the club.