How to get the hottest Asian girl that you always wanted

Best Pattaya Agogo and Thai girls

You love hot Asian girls – me too.

But are you getting the Asian girl you always want?
Or are you getting the ones that you only think you deserve?

If you are a player who beds only the hottest Asian girls and beds a different one even hotter than the next every night of the week – Good on you.
But I am talking to the guys who honestly desire firm young perky Asian ladies but end up every night with a ‘great personality’.
You know how the conversation goes between two guys when talking about their current girlfriend… “My girl is so hot…” “My girl has a great personality…”

Which one are you?
And don’t give the old “that’s how I like my Asian girls” if that’s how you like your Asian girls then why didn’t you date a 40 year old mother of 3 when you were in your early 20’s?
Because you didn’t want one then and you know you don’t want one now. Maybe you are in your mature years and only discovering Asian girls now – you can still get the girl you were dreaming about having when you were still in your early twenty’s.


You first need to make the decision and commit to only hot Asian girls. There are some really hot Asian mums out there in their mid to late 30’s – you just won’t find them at our club. And hot mummy’s are usually looking for someone serious not nightly fun. Our girls are really the happy go lucky type, although a few have married out of the club. Although rare, wives can be found at Windmill Club Pattaya. But that’s not what we set out to achieve for you at the club.

My girl came home from the gym today telling me about how a German guy was trying to set up her training partner with his son. That German man’s son is never going to bang my girl’s training partner.


Because he sends somebody else to talk to her. I get why he did it, I’ve done that too, but it never works with hot girls in any country. I am writing to you from Pattaya where his chances of getting her should be higher. But he failed.
He sent someone else to talk to the hot Asian girl – to tell her he was interested in her.
I still get someone else to approach hot Asian girls for me and – the only difference is – I get the girl.
And you can too.

I get the hot girl now because I do it at the club. Not because I am lazy or a loser – I just want the girl. It’s about the enjoying a hot girl, not wasting time and not messing with my ego.
The person I get, and you should too, to talk to the girl first is the Mamasun.
I simply get the Mamasun to put the whole thing together.
The Mamasun gets the chemistry going between us, gets the girl interested and puts the whole deal together. I think our Mamasun’s are the most under used wing ladies. Sure, I put some effort in. Because if I do nothing, then it’s starfish time later when we are alone.
But the hard part is getting it all started.
I just point or mention a number and Mamasun does the rest.

If you don’t have the same experience as I do when you are at our club then drop me a line here and I will do my best to put it right for you.

So it’s time to finally get the hot Asian girl you have always wanted.
If you’ve seen our gallery, you know our girls are hot.
All our girls in the club are Thai.
I use the term Asian girls for good reason.
Thai girls, I believe, are the most diverse in appearance compared to other girls from other Asian countries. They are probably the hardest to pigeon hole based on their looks.
But – Korean, Chinese, Filipino, Malay – they are all born with defining features – they kind of all look the same.
Thai girls are special, they have so many different looks.

Big breasts, small breasts. Tall, short, average height. Different eye shapes. Different noses. Different body shapes. Light skin or dark skin. Different hair colors and styles. Teeth braces or no teeth braces.
I never find myself getting bored and always enjoying a new look.
On most nights we have 80 girls at the club – all very different from the next.
Go look at the gallery, you will see what I mean.
See you at the club.