Are You Too Old For Girls In Pattaya?

Best Pattaya Agogo and Thai girls

I’ve always been shy of sexy ladies.

Insecure about my looks, body, & career. It’s been a lonely world for me. And, as time passes, it hasn’t gotten any better. My sex life has been a box of tissues for most of it.

Couple of great kids came from that marriage, I’m thankful for that. But, dam, I had always hope for more. I was pushing 60 when a mate suggested Pattaya.

A city bursting at the seams with exotic Thai beauties looking for love from exotic foreign men just like me’ – he said.

It doesn’t matter what country you are from. You don’t need to speak Thai or even English. Body language is more powerful and better understood in Pattaya than any other location in the world.

The barriers to finding love, whether you want love for a night or a lifetime, are little to none. Your age is not much of a consideration to the ladies.

Thai ladies are very affectionate by nature and extremely attentive to their man’s needs. So, the real consideration is your ability to know & express what you want from your lady, how you like your ‘love’ and how often you want her to give it to you.

It’s not your age. Age is your issue, not hers

Knowing what you want and just telling her – that really is the magic recipe for love in Pattaya – & sometimes If she doesn’t want to give you what you want, grab a new one today.

The challenge for foreign visitors to Pattaya – is where are the best ladies to be found.

Pattaya Agogo bars are the most well-known venues for meeting hot Thai girls. And for good reason.

They are the most successful for you – the customer – to get your dream girl without delay. But not all Agogo Bars are the same.

Some clubs allow their ladies to wear multiple layers of clothing – two bras at the same time – what’s up with that?

You will know what I mean when you get here. And shorts, that may be small, but they hide a lot of what you want to see before making a commitment on a lady.

Shorts, push up bras, and general clothing tricks that ladies are well known for – You won’t get that at Windmill Club Pattaya.

That’s the Agogo bar I only go to. No multiple layers of clothing, no hidden surprises, no unwrapping your present and it all falling out all over the place.

Sure, you may think I’m a little mean – they are people too, with feelings.

I agree with you. But I want to live the sex life I had always imagined, and why not?

There are enough female body magicians in my home country, with magic bras and gravity defying panties, & that’s exactly what I want to get away from. None of that con-artistry at Windmill Club.

What you get is what you see. That is just what I want.

If you are a solo traveler and would like some genuine assistance, a wingman if you like, club owner David & manager Greg are always hand to point you in the right direction.

Being expats themselves, they understand cultural differences, and will make sure you are understood and you get exactly the experience you are wanting. Simply ask for them by name at the club.

I met David & Greg on one of my many visits to Windmill Club. I would now call them friends.

David always answers my emails when I drop him a line to say hi, whilst I’m back in the UK.

Obviously I am always wishing I was back in Pattaya. I may just make the move someday, but visiting every 3 months & enjoying my favorite spot in Windmill Club is working out fine for me right now.

Does that answer your question about age?

There is no question about age, 21 or 91, They have got you sorted.

I’m Gary, I’m the guy always wearing the plain black baseball cap, and I love it at the play table, come say “hi.”


Thanks for the write up Gary, a good read. Cheers

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