What Makes Agogo Bars The Best In Pattaya

Best Pattaya Agogo and Thai girls
Girls. End of story?

Not even close.

The hottest girls are a key ingredient in the pie. I love eating Pattaya Pie, I eat it every day… Hmmmm Pussy Pie…

But hot girls can really have an attitude & become untouchable.

So what’s the point of that?

Why would anyone travel 1000’s of miles for pussy with attitude? I’m sure you can get that easy enough in your hometown.

If you haven’t noticed already, our club’s insignia is – ‘Pussy Without Attitude’ – and we stand by that.


But that alone won’t make you the best agogo bar in Pattaya.

And, really, this is not about blowing our own horn and telling you we are the best.

But it’s worth pointing out what we think is needed every day in Agogo bars to bring you the best experience.

Because it really is about you.

We know you’ll be back to Pattaya as often as you can – Pattaya gets a hold of you like that – the moment you get home you’re planning your next trip back.

So what are our key ingredients to bringing the best?

Always ice cold beer. We have chillers in our bar and in our storage room. So matter how busy we get, it’s always cold.

Always a good helping of liquor in your mixes & fresh soda too. No skimping & no post mix.

best-agogo-service-in-pattayaAlways plenty of service staff ready to assist your every need. You can’t miss our service staff in their cute black and white suits.

Always clean and comfortable toilets. We take this very seriously.

Always comfortable seating (with no rips, tears or broken bases).

We do maintenance inspections & upkeep daily.

Always a great view wherever you turn – so no matter where you sit you get just what you want.

We have a sexy ladies dancing and playing in every part of the club – regulars will know what I mean. Newbies, be prepared for a great eye opener.

A great Mamasang who knows her girls and can handle your special requests, point you in the right direction, and put together your desired night of fun – We’ve got 5 Mamasang’s at your service.

A Western, English speaking, manager on hand if you want or need it – We’ve got 3 at your service.

A billing system that protects you from getting overcharged. Ours is unique to Pattaya.

Quality music that isn’t too load, so you can enjoy the sexy ladies around you. Nothing worse than music that makes you deaf.

Temperature controlled environment. No hot or cold spots in the club.

World sports on all the time. You can now enjoy all your greatest passions under one roof.

Right now we have 80 ladies to enjoy on 2 levels of naughtiness. With play tables, shower show, podium & stage dancers all spread consistently throughout the club.

Pattaya best cure to loliness

If you’re a regular to Windmill Club Pattaya – you’re probably not reading anything you didn’t already know. We are always striving to give you the very best experience every night – your business is important to us.

If you are yet to join us – you now know how important you will be to us when you do arrive.

If I’ve missed anything, or you have any suggestions.

Please let me know at [email protected]

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