Lady Drink Ripoff; Did happen to you?

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Maybe it’s happened to you? Maybe it’s happened to someone you know? 

You’re in an Agogo bar in Pattaya having a great time – the bill comes – and it seems very high. Did you really order that many drinks?

Lady drinks in Pattaya Ago-go ripoff

It’s happened to me once, at another agogo bar. And my first thought was “Did I get worked over?”

In reality, I did not get worked over; I didn’t think I got value for money. I did order the amount of drinks I was charged for, but the ladies didn’t hang around long and just pushed hard for drinks to meet their nightly lady drink quota.

In some clubs, if the lady doesn’t sell a certain amount of drinks for the night, the girl gets cut from her pay.

The system of cutting a girl might sound like a good way to stop her from being lazy – but it ends up HURTING you – because all you get are pushy girls with attitude.

We don’t have lady drink quotas in Windmill Club.

Drink quotas wouldn’t work anyway, because interaction with the ladies is what we are well known for. Our ladies really want to have as much fun with you as possible and that is only possible if she doesn’t have to worry about getting as many drinks as she can.

But what else can happen to ensure your agogo bar bill is true?

Well, one thing we always do to ensure you are charged correctly, we get you to initial your bill every time you order a lady drink. If you are too drunk to initial your bill – our system protects you. If you are playing with multiple girls at the same time – our system protects you.

If you like to move from play zone to play zone within the club and don’t keep your check bin with you – our system protects you.

In the event you are not satisfied for any reason you can always ask for the club manager or contact us directly here and we will put things right for you.

The only challenge you should ever have is how many of the ladies you can handle and how interactive you want to be with the ladies.

See you in the club

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