Does it help if you can speak Thai in Pattaya Agogo Bars? 

Best Pattaya Agogo and Thai girls

The friend who took me on my first trip to Pattaya had been 8 times before me and I was shocked to find out he couldn’t speak a word of Thai language. He had no trouble getting what he wanted but I found out that knowing a few words can be a playful tool with the girls. Thai girls live for today (although they may sometimes talk about the future) the here and now takes priority over everything; always.

‘Sa-nook’ in Thai language means fun.

And the more fun you can bring to the moment when you are with a Thai girl the better time you will have in the club and in the bedroom or wherever you are. The moment you speak one Thai word to a Thai girl she will immediately say ‘You can speak Thai?’ just tell her you only know a couple of words and leave it at that. She won’t know if the are telling the truth and it will keep her curious.

Thai girls love a little bit of mystery in their man.

I will give you a few words at the end of this for you to use in a playful way with your girls in Pattaya.

If a few Thai language words are absolutely out of the question for you;


Play, Rock Paper Scissors. This game is great for things like buying her a drink, a kiss, and whatever you can come up with – play that game in the bedroom too. Thai girls like to play – remember this when you are in the bedroom; play. Some guys get a little serious in the bedroom with their new Thai girlfriend – very few girls in Pattaya are looking for a serious man the first night they meet him. They just want to F###.


You probably first came to Pattaya to find a girlfriend.

You will find her within a few hours of being here. There is so many girls in Pattaya on offer that you will most likely have a new Thai girlfriend every night. You’ll soon forget about being serious. Tell the girls you are a ‘butterfly’ if they won’t leave you alone. Butterfly means you are a player. Thai girls are cool with this as long as you are upfront with them and don’t pussy foot around – don’t be a soft cock – tell your girl straight up with a cheeky grin and all will be fine.

You’ve come all this way to Pattaya Thailand for something.

Whatever that something is, make sure you don’t miss out on it by not speaking your truth and pandering to the girls and what they want. We are always here to help you get exactly what you want. Just ask us at the club. Ask for one of our club managers or Mamasang – we will get you sorted.


5 easy & fun Thai words;

  1. When the girl sitting with you puts her hand on your crotch (happens all the time in our club) look at your manhood and say ‘Norn’. ‘Norn’ means sleep. She will giggle, then proceed to get busy trying wake your manhood up. Better still, instead of waiting for her, just point to your manhood and say ‘Norn’ – she will know what to do.
  2. ‘Joob joob’ means kiss. Point to your cheek a say ‘joob joob’ then turn as she’s kissing your cheek and give her one on the lips.
  3. ‘Chob’ means like
  4. ‘Nom’ means milk but also breasts
  5. ‘Aloy’ means tasty and delicious

Use them how you please, no need to be shy.

Boom Boom? Ask your girl.


Cheers and see you in the club.