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Visit our sister Club’s gallery for more beautiful Pattaya Girls


Visit our sister Club’s gallery for more beautiful Pattaya Girls


“its by far the craziest A Go Go Club ive been in on WS (Walking Street)”
– Morph

“Probably The Dirtiest A Go Go in Pattaya.. My Favorite.”
– Jocky King

“I admit that I am a big windmills fan and have my favourite seat
 the jacuzzi.”
– andyaus

“Windmill A Go Go Pattaya is one of my favorite places in Pattaya”
– Skinny Guy

“Windmill A Go Go is “hands on” and “hand in”.”
– Localguy Pattaya

“I have had many good times in the Windmill.
– I can’t imagine having a bad time there.”

– Pattaya Nezz

“Myself & my pal visited 20 gogo’s during our 3 week trip, (we got home yesterday). Windmill A Go Go was by far our favorite, just so much fun there, Great atmosphere & fun girls.”
– Pauly

“One of my favorite entertainment venues.”
– big john

“I am a regular in WINDMILL CLUB and my last couple of visits I have to
say you have some nice looking ladies in their, keep it up.”
– biggles

“The first time I went to WINDMILL had a great time there. And I told everyone.”
– short

“Had an excellent time at the WINDMILL last nite. Lots of ‘entertainment’.”
– Excelentchoice, Pattaya Secrets

“We went to the WINDMILL CLUB tonight, had a fantastic time my wife and I where made to feel very very welcome (and then some)”
– funtimemikey

“The Windmill club is definitely the one A Go Go i remember distinctly… Pure craziness and i liked it “
– the_dude

“Cannot speak highly enough of Windmill Pattaya.”
– Loverboy 181