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3 Tips for selecting hotels in Pattaya

Best Pattaya Agogo and Thai girls

When deciding on your hotel in Pattaya there are a few things you need to consider.

Things that you would never consider in a hotel on your standard vacation.

And when you are with us at Windmill Club, your vacation in Pattaya, is anything but standard.

Pattaya city is not sprawled out in the main. Most attractions that take an hour or two to enjoy are no more than 15 minutes from one another and the big ones like Nong Nooch Gardens are about 40 minutes by car and are a full day activity. Transport, for getting around town, is readily available in the form of the blue pickup trucks aka Baht Buses aka Song Taow or motorbike taxis. You can rent your own motorbike if you are feeling adventurous – but car rental, although available, is not an efficient way to navigate the city centre.
So, for your hotel location, in order to get your bearings set, Pattaya has three main roads that are used by the locals as navigation points – these roads are; South (named: Pattaya Tai) – Central (named: Pattaya Klang) & North (Pattaya Nua) and each side of Sukumvit Road is named East & West Pattaya. West being the beach side. Soi Diamond – Walking Street – is Beachside, located off Pattaya Tai (South) – that is where you will find us.

Really, the easiest thing for you to do, stay at our recommended hotel located directly opposite Windmill Club.

We recommend Swiss Food Hotel – Many regulars stay there because of its value, quality & location. Having a great value restaurant attached to it also helps. Being literally 5 steps from Windmill Club means you are on the right spot, you can also indulge in our club pleasures with the utmost convenience and discretion.
Swiss Food Hotel is a boutique operation and does get booked out regularly – so best book early.
If, for whatever reason, you are unable to stay at our recommended hotel – here are a 3 questions you should have answered before deciding on your place to stay in Pattaya…

Is the hotel girl friendly?

This means, does the hotel charge you extra to bring a lady back to your room for the night? Some hotels do charge for new extra guests – even if you did book and pay for a double occupancy room. Additional costs, charged by your hotel for your new girlfriend/girlfriends, can range anywhere up to 1,500 baht per night per person. Be sure of the hotels policy – you don’t want to get a nasty surprise when you check out.

Does the hotel clean the room daily?

Sounds like you shouldn’t have to ask this, but some places don’t have a daily maid service. You will need clean sheets and towels daily, sometimes twice daily, especially when you are playing lots of indoor sports. Some hotels have 24 hour house keeping just for this reason.

What time does the hotel’s breakfast service finish?

Pattaya nightlife is a key attraction and some hotels offer a late breakfast service to serve those who love the nightlife. If it is an early service – you can always wake up, eat, & go back to sleep – just be sure to skip the coffee. Windmill Club opens at 7pm every night. So, if you are not a night owl, we have got you covered. You can get in early and get in early.

When it comes to the room in which they stay with you – Girls in Pattaya aren’t as particular as the Girls you encounter in your home country.

Don’t think that you need to be staying at the Hilton Pattaya in order to impress your girl.
Remember, the more you spend on the hotel the less money you will have for the real reason you are in Pattaya.

Girls – Girls – Girls

See you at the Club

When is the best right time to visit Pattaya?

Best Pattaya Agogo and Thai girls
You are planning a trip to Pattaya to experience all the tropical pleasures it offers but want to get the timing right.

  • You are concerned that the weather will be terrible – raining 24/7 – too hot – or no girls in town.
  • You’ve done all the research you can – you don’t want to get ripped off.
  • You’ve got a hotel decided on that won’t charge you ridiculous fees when you bring a girl back to your room.
  • You’ve got transport sorted from the airport.
  • You’ve got all your bases covered because this trip means so much to you.
  • You know it’s going to change your life.
  • You’ve heard all the stories – you know you don’t want to miss out on this great life experience anymore.

You would come to Pattaya this minute but you’re stuck at work….

But if you did get on plane to Thailand right now would it be good timing?

I’m going to give all the info you need, so you can make an informed decision and get the best value for your time while in Thailand.

Pattaya is warm all year round, but if you venture to different parts of Thailand as some gents do with their new girlfriends and you will find some real seasonal weather. Like up north in Isaan it gets very cold during Xmas and New Year, jacket weather cold. Chiang Mai too.

The freshest time on the calendar in Pattaya is Xmas and New Year too – this is also classified as high season. Although you won’t need a jacket and summer clothes are all you will need, it is when the city is at its busiest. If the thought of a typical high season in a resort town
is your idea of hell… Come in March, the weather is substantially warmer but less people around. The sun is strong in March and you’ll get tanned in minutes.

But, Pattaya really must be enjoyed at night…

Nights are when it all happens and although the nights are cooler they are still very warm. Temps range from 25-32 degrees C and humidity at 80% during March. There are always plenty of sexy girls around too. During April things heat up but not just the weather.

Songkran is Thailand’s New Year (held during April) and celebrations run for many days leading up to, during and after. It involves water being splashed around and water pistol fights – it’s a great deal of fun for some – for others its a great opportunity to enjoy the hotel with your new girlfriend.

Because Pattaya is built for international tourists pleasure all the major global celebrations take place just as they would in their country of origin. From Chinese New Year to Sant Patrick’s Day it all happens in Pattaya.

June, July, August, September & October are hot, horny and sometimes very wet. This is when we will see rain at times, and it’s heavy. But the good thing is it’s usually during the day and clears by late evening. In the event that it does rain day and night, there are plenty of very enjoyable indoor activities – we have got you covered on that one, we won’t let you down.

One thing to keep in mind is the Bucha public holidays.

There are a few throughout the year and it does mean no alcohol and the bars are usually closed. During this time at Windmill Club we will close the bar at midnight and reopen the bar at midnight the following day – so you can still get naughty.

November Thailand celebrates it’s own Valentines Day (they celebrate it on Feb 14 also) it’s called Loy Krathong.

Although the month is always November the actual day changes from year to year. This is a great time to get to the beach early evening and let go of a sky lantern or decorated sea float and make a wish – it’s a great spectacle. November is also when the weather really cools down and Pattaya starts to ramp up in visitor numbers.

To be honest each time of the year offers its own unique benefits and my recommendation is come when you can. When it best fits your schedule and budget back home. Because one thing is for sure and anyone will tell you that your first time to Pattaya will not be your last.

See you at the club


Windmill Now Is Bigger

Windmill Now Is Bigger

Play ground and pole dancing in Windmill 1

Now On Two Floors

Windmill Club offer its famous acts on two floors so that you can find your favorite seat anytime. With more playgrounds to get your hands busy.

Two very different dancing stages to experience on both floors.

Plus four different areas of naughtiness; the infamous shower and play mat on the ground floor and two play mats at nose/mouth level on the top floor. If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, just visit us.

Playground in Windmill

Imagine the entire club exclusively for you and your guests

Complete with your own discrete private entrance, full service and security staff

Of course you can hand pick your favorite girls or allow us to surprise you

This is not a VIP room, this is an entire GoGo bar and it’s all yours

Windmill private parties

Unlimited booze, no hidden fees


We are the first and only in Walking Street Pattaya

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