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2 mistakes guys make with a Pattaya girl

Best Pattaya Agogo and Thai girls

Pattaya Girl

Are you tired of striking out with girls?

Did you come to Pattaya & ended up with your dick in your hand?

Did you get a girl, only to have her tell you what to do, & still ended up with your dick in your hand?

It’s a common story, when you find a guy that’s honest with you about his first few experiences with ladies in Pattaya. Even when they had an experienced mate guide them on their first trip to the promised land of poon tang. Poon tang – I love using that term for pussy. With all their mate’s experience and advice, they still manage to screw things up, when all they ever wanted to do was just screw.

Your mate can’t be with you while you are in the bedroom banging your girl. And, truth is, in the heat of the moment, all the good advice you have been given just goes out the door. Throw in some alcohol with emotional attachment and you are on the fast track to becoming another Pattaya statistic.

It’s not all your fault.

No matter how new to Pattaya the girl you are with is, she has more experience than you and your mate put together. You’re on her turf, she has the ultimate home turf advantage. But that doesn’t mean you don’t stand a chance. Many guys land on their feet very quickly in Pattaya and experience the sweet peaches that are always ripe and ready for you to pick and taste. What man doesn’t enjoy eating a lady’s sweet fresh peach. As Nicholas Cage once said ‘I can eat a peach for hours’ I think he would love Pattaya.
Heading in with 1 simple strategy to set you on the correct train of thought will help ensure you don’t make the 2 most common mistakes guys make with girls in Pattaya.

Pattaya Girl

Number One
Don’t make the first girl you meet your girlfriend.

This will be the hardest thing for you to commit to. It comes down to our western thinking. We are made to believe that one night stands are wrong or banging more than one girl is wrong. Shameful moral conditioning that’s been passed down from generation to generation.
After you’ve been to Pattaya a few times, just mention to anyone that you regularly go to Thailand and watch their mind tick over and pass judgement. It’s not their fault – they just don’t know any better. Just like you didn’t know any better in the beginning when you decided to commit to the first Thai lady you ever met. We have all been there, you may get lucky, the first girl you meet might be the one. But how will you know for sure? I’m not sure I would buy into the concept that there is that one person for you. With 7 billion people on the planet, finding that one person out of 7 billion would be dam near impossible. By playing the field you get the chance to find out what you want with a woman in Pattaya. This will give you the confidence to walk away from a bad girl because you know that you can catch more of those fish that we always hear about in the sea. Being told there are plenty more fish in the sea is useless if you don’t know how to catch them. And the only way to catch them is by getting more experience with Thai girls and not falling for the first one you meet. That first girl will eventually sense your insecurity of her leaving you and then take advantage of you for all she can. It’s not her fault she is doing the following things to you.

  • Making you beg for sex.
  • Making you take her friends out and paying.
  • Making you buy her a new wardrobe, whenever she feels like it.

You are allowing her to do it by not following the one strategy of playing the field until you understand and know the feeling of abundant pussy. If she steps out of line, you know you can get new pussy within minutes. When your girl senses this, & she will when you reach that point, she won’t step out of line and will value you more than ever.

Value is the keyword here.

Your woman has to get value from you or she needs to leave. And leaving is not what she wants – if she can impress her girlfriends by making you her bitch then that is what she will do. This is not a treat her mean keep her keen thing – no way. That’s just as bad as allowing her to walk all over you. It’s about finding your inner confidence & the more women you bed the more confident you will become & it will show through. A confident man that she can show off to her friends is of more value to her than the new wardrobe. The new wardrobe her friends can just go and buy, but you are something they can’t just go and buy.

Which brings me to mistake number 2 – banging her friends.

Yes – it will happen – her friends will want you. And, unless she is present when you are banging her friend, you will see a side of a Thai girl that will surprise you. Thai girls get very jealous. Thailand has the most recorded cases of women cutting off men’s penises of any country in the world. Fact. Calm is not in their language at all when it comes to their boyfriend banging their friend. Doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Go for it. Just do it discreetly. Maybe I should change mistake number two – banging your girlfriend’s friend and getting caught.
It’s a playground out there in Pattaya City, so go play. You only live once, the question is – Are you living it?

Don’t come to Pattaya and fall back into your unsuccessful life patterns from back home. You can be who you want to be in Pattaya. No one will judge you – you just need to respect the impact that your actions have on those around you. Simple really. Happiness is waiting for you.

We’ve always got 60 ladies, at the minimum, every night for you to choose from in the club. Be sure to check out level two – it’s extra naughty.

If for any reason your night with us isn’t going the way you had planned? Ask for one of the club managers. We will do everything we can to make your night the very best.

See you at the club.


Best hotels in Pattaya

Best Pattaya Agogo and Thai girls


Finding the best hotel for your stay in Pattaya can be a pain.

If you don’t know the area well or understand the hotels rules for bringing back different girls every night means you might not have the best holiday.

Don’t worry, we will cover a few important points and point you in the right direction.

After all, you will be in your hotel room for half of your time in Pattaya so it’s important to get it right the first time. My aim is for Pattaya and Windmill Club to have such a positive impact on you, you will be joining us many times again in the future.

Hotels on Walking Street Pattaya might sound like a clever idea in theory because of the location being directly in the heart of town. But, Walking Street is also the heart of nightlife action and goes until 6 am every morning. Even if you are the most extreme of nightlife seekers, 6am everyday can wear on you. Some nights you might just want to chill and hit the sack with your new girl before midnight.

Beach front hotels may sound ideal. Most are expensive because of their beachfront credentials and those that aren’t expensive will be run down and best avoided.

If you want a beach holiday, I wouldn’t recommend Pattaya anyway.

A major hotel chain certainly sounds like a promising idea and Pattaya has many. Keep in mind that major hotels in Pattaya have a policy of charging extra for new guests that join you in the room. This can run your daily rate up an extra 2,000 baht. Crazy! I know. You’re thinking that if you book a double occupancy room then you should be covered. But you’re not. It’s just their rules, I don’t understand them either.

Pattaya Agogo Bars

The term ‘guest friendly’ is something you need to be familiar with.

We recommend Swiss Food Restaurant & Hotel Pattaya to any person who seeks the best hotel in Pattaya for enjoying the best of both worlds. It is ideally located opposite our club on Soi Diamond. Soi Diamond is just off Walking Street, far enough away from the intense action that you can get a good night’s sleep. Ask for a quiet room, if you are a light sleeper. Swiss food restaurant and hotel Pattaya also has one of the best restaurants in Pattaya directly on the ground floor. Great food at a very reasonable price. Many locals dine there regularly which says everything. What about guest friendly hotel? Yes, it’s a guest friendly hotel. A very guest friendly hotel.

With rooms currently starting at just 700 baht, you can’t beat the price. They also do extended stay and have a penthouse suite with its own rooftop garden and jacuzzi. Imagine that, the penthouse suite with you and your girl/girls living it up all at the most convenient location and best possible price.

Here is a direct link to their listing on CLICK HERE

See you at the club


What is Pussy Without Attitude?

Best Pattaya Agogo and Thai girls
If we had only 3 words to describe the pure essence of what Windmill Club Pattaya is…

Pussy Without Attitude

Unless you have been living under a rock for your entire life and our club is the only female experience you have ever had, Pussy With a Bad Attitude is most probably what you have been dealing with your whole life.

Pattaya Girls

We understand your pain with girls and we say enough is enough

Girls are not born with bad attitudes towards men, they develop them over the years. Even though we hate girls with attitude they are still chased by men who, I suppose, think they have no other option but to accept a girls bad attitude.

Only women can tell you why they think a bad attitude is of value to them. But, they will never tell you, because they learned it from other women before them and they will teach more women to come.

There is no room for girls with bad attitudes towards men at Windmill Club

Pattaya Girls

We don’t tolerate it and you don’t need to either

You know what I mean by girls with bad attitudes? They think their Poo doesn’t stink – that you are beneath them – that you are on this earth to serve them because they have a vagina. Don’t get me started on this. As I type now I find it hard not to get fired up on this one particular subject. All my life I have found nothing but women who believe they have the golden pussy and the unfortunate men who believe that too – because they have no other choice because that want to get laid.

That’s where our club is Paradise for us Men

Our Girls just want to have fun in the club and wherever you take them. FUN, just FUN. No drama, no attitude, no dangling it in front of you as the golden ticket that only a few can win.

Our Girls have no time for that

So you can just be your horny self and not be insulted for being who you really are – A red blooded horny sexual man.

Pattaya is still full of girls with attitude – Just not within the confines of our club.

A Bad Attitude will get you removed from Windmill Club

Our girls won’t bring it, so don’t you bring it either.

Have fun, enjoy the naughty sexy fun that is what Windmill Club is famous for.

Enjoy life.

See you at the club


Tips for multiple Pattaya girlfriends

Best Pattaya Agogo and Thai girls

Got an insane sex drive?
Get bored with the same Thai girl?
Always see another Thai pretty you just have to have?

It’s possible to have your cake and eat it too.

More than one girl at a time or multiple girlfriends is easier to achieve than you might think. The challenge is stopping one girl finding out about the other. You are spoiled for choice, if Pattaya is your hunting ground, for beautiful ladies to make yours. And, provided you are a man with at least moderate means in life (meaning – you can pay your rent, feed yourself and put clothes on your back) you’ve got it made with the ladies. For those who just have to have as many girlfriends at one time as your body, brain & wallet can handle, you’ve got everything you need right here in Pattaya.

But, a word of warning,

Thai ladies are famously jealous types. And not the type you might be used to in your home country. We are talking – cut your dick off kind of jealous – seriously. That kind of intensity that Thai ladies bring to your relationships can be addictive. It’s nice to be wanted after not being wanted so much by western women for so many years. It can get a bit overwhelming though – gents can find themselves in a lot of hot water because moving on is not easy – she might not want to let you go. As I type this, I realise that although having multiple Pattaya girlfriends is so easy to achieve actually maintaining multiple relationships is a real art & most of the time a dangerous headache to have.

Thank goodness for Agogo Bars – where you can go and get yourself a new girlfriend every night.

Pattaya girlfriend

Just don’t make any statements or hints at love or anything beyond that the next day. Sweet talk, which you may term as friendly banter, can be taken very seriously & before you know it you’ve got a new room mate. If you’ve got an really insane sex drive, you can get your fix anytime of the day in Pattaya – with no drama. If you see a Thai pretty you just have to have – go and get her. If you get bored with the same girl – stop being with the same girl. But what about multiple girlfriends?
You may like the security of knowing that someone is always at home or available for you. You can get that in Pattaya without the heavy commitment – you just need to come to a set arrangement with a girl you like. Explain what you want, and if she is up for it – she will tell you how you are both to go about it.

Or, a easier option,

get one of our club Mamasang’s to sort it for you. Sounds easy enough? It is. But for some reason we find ourselves getting attached and then it all goes pear shaped from there. She will dance to the music played, so don’t change your tune. Unless you are sure you are ready to change your tune & turn the volume up on your relationship together – then go for it.

Take your time.

Understand that your little head may be doing all your thinking for you. A good way to go, if you find yourself getting attached and mentally building a life together, separate yourself from her for a night. This will give you time to get the big head working again. You can also enjoy the company of another lady, for a short time, & this can help clear both your little & big heads. Our club is separated into two levels and the girls don’t cross over between the two, so you can just change levels in the club if you want some time away from your main squeeze.

Or, head over to Annabelle’s (our sister club).

And, when both of your heads are clear, you make better life choices. Don’t get caught, trapped, or whatever you want to call it, by your own self limiting belief of what you deserve either. If you ain’t feeling it with your lady, for whatever reason, move on. In total you will always have more than 100 Thai girlfriends to choose from within our clubs.

Life is too short not to be happy.

And if you can’t be happy in Pattaya – where can you be happy?
See you in the club

Online dating Pattaya girls

Best Pattaya Agogo and Thai girls

  • Did online dating in your home country leave you disappointed?
  • Where you tricked by photos that were taken years ago when the girl was 20 kilos lighter?
  • Did you just get a bunch crazy’s that wanted marriage straight away?
  • Did you experience the worst sex ever or did you get none at all?

I have been there & I have a solution for you.

Dating Pattaya Girls

Online dating has become kinda normal now days. 10 years ago it was embarrassing, to say the least, admiting you tried it or even met your current partner via the World Wide Web of dating.
Now how things have changed. Things change so rapidly it’s hard to keep up.

Thailand has the most number of users, per capita, using online platforms to connect than any other country in the world. Most are female too. So it should come as no surprise to you that Thai ladies are practical experts in the online dating arena. Whether it be social media or paid service sites, there are limitless possibilities to connect with your future lover, girlfriend or wife via cyber space.

The key is to know how to do it, & to make sure that ‘what you get is what you see’.

Your biggest hurdle will be actually meeting a genuine lady online. I mean literally a genuine lady – not a man dressed as a lady. You could spend a lot of time and money getting fleeced by a dude in a dress. It’s not just urban legend. It happens everyday.

Ok, what about real Thai ladies?

The web is full of real sexy Thai ladies looking for foreign men. And, a lot of those ladies work in agogo bars, & that’s a good thing. Why is that a good thing? Well, depending on what club she works in – her working in an agogo bar – it’s a guarantee she is a genuine lady, likes sex, & knows how to please a man. The fantasy of a horny Thai office girl, is just that, a fantasy. Thai office girls are usually shy and aren’t liberated sexually. You may want to take on a shy office girl as a project, but don’t come to me crying when her heavily ingrained cultural conditioning overrides all your efforts to break her out of her shell. You will probably marry her, just to get laid, because she says ‘I’m a good girl’. And when you do finally pop that cherry it’s a real disappointment & an expensive divorce. Or miserable life long commitment is what follows.

Agogo girls are a good bet.

Thai ladies

They are experienced and you can really test drive them before signing the dotted line. Also, the more Agogo girls you experience the better you will become & the better your relationships will become, whether they last a night or a lifetime.
Just another point on the office girl – English is almost always a problem. So communicating at a deep level (if you are into that) is out. Agogo girls deal exclusively with foreigners and develop great communication skills.

So why bother finding a girl online, why not go straight to the Agogo bars?

Good question, & you can do exactly that. Pattaya is home to over 90 Agogo bars, all stocked with ladies from all over Thailand & varying ages & levels of beauty. We have more than 100 Thai ladies between our clubs on any given night. No ladyboys (dudes in dresses) in our clubs ever. Rest assured you will get the experience you are chasing. Be it, one night or forever. We know where to point your ‘compass’.

So, where does that leave online dating for meeting girls in Pattaya?

The value in online dating to meet a girl in Pattaya is that you have a certain date when you arrive. That’s a great feeling knowing that a girl is waiting for you the moment you land. Take her out for a drink & see how it goes in person. Don’t make any commitments online before meeting her. If you do make a commitment & can’t honor it because the girl is not what you expected or the chemistry is not there – she will be very upset and your time in Pattaya will be ruined. She won’t leave you alone the whole time you are here trying to enjoy sexy ladies. Ladies online are experts at getting you to commit before meeting them. Personally I find this too much effort & risk. Sure, I am an AGoGo bar guy, who enjoys walking in pointing to what I want and trying her out there and then. Actually you can find your girl before you arrive at the club, our facebook page is updated everyday with girls pictures and we don’t Photoshop or use Apps to enhance the girls – so, what you see is what you get. And, if you’re not into the girl that’s sitting with you at the club, our Mamasang can move her on and get you another without the drama.

There is so much choice out there.

Pattaya agogo bar girl

Be careful not to fall in love with the First Lady you meet. It happens all the time – guy meets girl – falls in love within minutes. Thai ladies are special, date a few before you make the big step and fall in love.
See you in the club


Does it help if you can speak Thai in Pattaya Agogo Bars? 

Best Pattaya Agogo and Thai girls

The friend who took me on my first trip to Pattaya had been 8 times before me and I was shocked to find out he couldn’t speak a word of Thai language. He had no trouble getting what he wanted but I found out that knowing a few words can be a playful tool with the girls. Thai girls live for today (although they may sometimes talk about the future) the here and now takes priority over everything; always.

‘Sa-nook’ in Thai language means fun.

And the more fun you can bring to the moment when you are with a Thai girl the better time you will have in the club and in the bedroom or wherever you are. The moment you speak one Thai word to a Thai girl she will immediately say ‘You can speak Thai?’ just tell her you only know a couple of words and leave it at that. She won’t know if the are telling the truth and it will keep her curious.

Thai girls love a little bit of mystery in their man.

I will give you a few words at the end of this for you to use in a playful way with your girls in Pattaya.

If a few Thai language words are absolutely out of the question for you;


Play, Rock Paper Scissors. This game is great for things like buying her a drink, a kiss, and whatever you can come up with – play that game in the bedroom too. Thai girls like to play – remember this when you are in the bedroom; play. Some guys get a little serious in the bedroom with their new Thai girlfriend – very few girls in Pattaya are looking for a serious man the first night they meet him. They just want to F###.


You probably first came to Pattaya to find a girlfriend.

You will find her within a few hours of being here. There is so many girls in Pattaya on offer that you will most likely have a new Thai girlfriend every night. You’ll soon forget about being serious. Tell the girls you are a ‘butterfly’ if they won’t leave you alone. Butterfly means you are a player. Thai girls are cool with this as long as you are upfront with them and don’t pussy foot around – don’t be a soft cock – tell your girl straight up with a cheeky grin and all will be fine.

You’ve come all this way to Pattaya Thailand for something.

Whatever that something is, make sure you don’t miss out on it by not speaking your truth and pandering to the girls and what they want. We are always here to help you get exactly what you want. Just ask us at the club. Ask for one of our club managers or Mamasang – we will get you sorted.


5 easy & fun Thai words;

  1. When the girl sitting with you puts her hand on your crotch (happens all the time in our club) look at your manhood and say ‘Norn’. ‘Norn’ means sleep. She will giggle, then proceed to get busy trying wake your manhood up. Better still, instead of waiting for her, just point to your manhood and say ‘Norn’ – she will know what to do.
  2. ‘Joob joob’ means kiss. Point to your cheek a say ‘joob joob’ then turn as she’s kissing your cheek and give her one on the lips.
  3. ‘Chob’ means like
  4. ‘Nom’ means milk but also breasts
  5. ‘Aloy’ means tasty and delicious

Use them how you please, no need to be shy.

Boom Boom? Ask your girl.


Cheers and see you in the club.


Bisexual Girls in Pattaya

Best Pattaya Agogo and Thai girls
Enjoying two girls at the same time is on many a man’s bucket list.

If one girl feels good, two girls must feel great right!?

Only if the two girls are into each other, & I mean really into each other. Look at it this way – I have no desire to pair up with another man and a girl, and I doubt that you do either – so keep this in mind when you are pairing up two girls to go with you.

I always thought that girls were naturally into other girls, that they were different from us men. Not so.

Some girls are just into men only and vomit in their mouths at the thought of being intimate with another girl. Sure they have no problem brushing each other’s hair and even seeing each other naked – but that’s a long way from her licking another pussy while you are taking her from behind. Some girls will tell you that they are into other girls but when it comes to the deed the passion is not really there.

What is actually worse than one boring girl in the sack?
Two boring girls in the sack.

The solution?

At Windmill Club Pattaya we arguably have the highest concentration of genuine bi girls anywhere in Pattaya. And you don’t have to ask the Mamasang’s or Club Managers who they are – they will be very obvious to you the moment you walk in the club. But, by all means just ask us and we will set you up with whoever you like. The bi girls don’t have to be drunk on cheap whiskey to start enjoying each other’s bodies either because they are genuinely into other girls.

One more thing to keep in mind –

just as you have many Thai girls who are into foreign men, on the flip side, many bisexual Thai girls are into foreign ladies also.

So, if you have a girlfriend or wife, foreign or Thai, & wish to bring her to the club and enjoy? We will take excellent care of you both.

See you at the club

Why a Thai bank account is good a idea for you

Best Pattaya Agogo and Thai girls
You are in Pattaya for the girls, what’s a Thai bank account got to do with Thai girls?This place gets in your system, the moment you are on the plane heading home you will be working out how soon you can get back to the land of smiles.

The way I see it…

Pattaya Beach, Thailand, is never a one time destination. It’s not like the Eiffel Tower – when you’ve seen it, you’ve seen it. Pattaya becomes a lifestyle choice, with many people always looking for ways to settle and build a life here.
Packing in your life and moving to Pattaya isn’t something I would recommend – but I know you will be temped
Usually the best option is splitting your vacation time up into small pieces so you can be here more often. There is always a yearly blowout option – but I couldn’t wait.

With the understanding that Pattaya will be your go to destination when you have any spare time and money, you will want to make getting around as easy as possible.

Your first trip here, you might enjoy the whole planning phase and build up. But as multiple trips pass by you’ll have your favorite airline, transport, hotel, club, and girl or girls that you gravitate to. It’s all about getting the best bang for your buck and time (pun intended).
A Thai bank account enables you to keep money you haven’t spent in Thailand. Sure you could just keep it in your wallet or top draw at home until your next trip. Whatever you do, don’t change it back to your home country’s currency – you always get screwed changing money back. Speaking of currency exchange – you can almost always get a great rate when doing and international third party transfer (not through your local bank).

Currency transfer is big business now, with lots of competition – simply Google it – they want your business.

Transferring money from your home country, to your Thai bank account, saves carrying it around with you. I don’t know about you, but carrying an ATM card around when I am enjoying everything Pattaya has to offer works better for me than carrying around a load of cash. When I get drunk, I can get a bit loose. Having a set amount of cash on me, then needing to go to the ATM machine for more cash, helps me rein it in.

You can also use your ATM card directly in our Club.

No over the top fees too when withdrawing your own cash.
The cost of having a Thai bank account usually is just the annual renewal fee for the ATM card – that can be as little as 350 baht (about USD 10 at time of writing this)

We have bank parties regularly in partnership with Bangkok Bank.

The Bangkok Bank team arrive at around 7pm ready to open your account whilst you are enjoying Windmill Club. The team are gone by 10pm, so best get in early it you would like their assistance. Be sure to put yourself on our list if you wish to be notified of these or any other special events we put on at the Club.

You can always go directly to our preferred Bangkok Bank branch and open your account with no hassles – just tell them Windmill Club sent you and they will get you sorted.

Walking Street Pattaya Branch located on the corner of Beach Road & Walking Street.

83,83/1 Moo 10 T.Nongprue, A.Banglamung, Chonburi 20150 Tel 038-415-369-70

Branch manager Jarinya Jantarathada Mobile; 08-3686-1333 email; [email protected]

Meet The Bangkok Bank Team

Bangkok Bank Girls

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Sunsets in Pattaya (A short story)

Best Pattaya Agogo and Thai girls

It was just before opening time at The Windmill Agogo bar in Pattaya,

I had walked from my hotel and arrived early, the door man let me in and called out to one of the service staff to look after me.

I’ve been to Windmill club many times before but never this early.

At this time of day, as the sun sets in Pattaya City, it’s a real feast for your eyes. The area around Walking Street develops a unique appeal for me as most clubs are getting ready for the night ahead and beautiful Thai girls are streaming in on the back of motorbikes getting dropped off and making their way to the Agogo bars where they work.

Some girls are dressed to the nines with hair and makeup immaculately in place. Some girls look like they just got out of bed in their t-shirt dresses, flip flops and bedroom hair. Either way I love Pattaya girls.

Girls in Pattaya are my favorite

As I entered Windmill Agogo bar, girls were everywhere, the lights were on and the music off, an intoxicating smell of fresh lotion just applied to their beautiful bodies filled the air and the chatter of the girls talking to each other. Most girls are on their knees gazing into the mirrors that cover the entire walls of the club – their cute bums are jutting slightly out for me to salivate over – getting their makeup just right before the real party begins.

Pattaya Girls I love them

I couldn’t tell you what the girls where chatting about,

I don’t speak Thai & have had no real use for it. I only want a basic level of communication with my girls in Pattaya – it just works best for me that way.

I’d never seen the club like this, I loved it.

I could sense the night ahead was full of possibilities – It was very exciting.

Making my way directly to the second floor, I got settled with my draft beer. Many of the girls recognized me – it felt good to be remembered. Turns out I wasn’t the only customer who was early, 4 of us in total. It also turns out I like the feeling of there not being many customers in the club – because it felt like I had all the girls to myself.

Must make a point of getting in early more often.

The lights went down and the final countdown played, this was the cue for all the girls to get on stage and it was time for them to play naughty. There was no need for warm ups, the girls got straight into the swing of things. I got a lot of attention and I wanted it. An hour later the club was relatively full, but I had my two girls picked and I was sitting tucked away in the back corner having my own private party.

I remember my first time at Windmill Agogo bar in Pattaya, I was a little shy to the experience that is on offer behind the silver doors of the club.

I’ve come a long way since then.

When is the best right time to visit Pattaya?

Best Pattaya Agogo and Thai girls
You are planning a trip to Pattaya to experience all the tropical pleasures it offers but want to get the timing right.

  • You are concerned that the weather will be terrible – raining 24/7 – too hot – or no girls in town.
  • You’ve done all the research you can – you don’t want to get ripped off.
  • You’ve got a hotel decided on that won’t charge you ridiculous fees when you bring a girl back to your room.
  • You’ve got transport sorted from the airport.
  • You’ve got all your bases covered because this trip means so much to you.
  • You know it’s going to change your life.
  • You’ve heard all the stories – you know you don’t want to miss out on this great life experience anymore.

You would come to Pattaya this minute but you’re stuck at work….

But if you did get on plane to Thailand right now would it be good timing?

I’m going to give all the info you need, so you can make an informed decision and get the best value for your time while in Thailand.

Pattaya is warm all year round, but if you venture to different parts of Thailand as some gents do with their new girlfriends and you will find some real seasonal weather. Like up north in Isaan it gets very cold during Xmas and New Year, jacket weather cold. Chiang Mai too.

The freshest time on the calendar in Pattaya is Xmas and New Year too – this is also classified as high season. Although you won’t need a jacket and summer clothes are all you will need, it is when the city is at its busiest. If the thought of a typical high season in a resort town
is your idea of hell… Come in March, the weather is substantially warmer but less people around. The sun is strong in March and you’ll get tanned in minutes.

But, Pattaya really must be enjoyed at night…

Nights are when it all happens and although the nights are cooler they are still very warm. Temps range from 25-32 degrees C and humidity at 80% during March. There are always plenty of sexy girls around too. During April things heat up but not just the weather.

Songkran is Thailand’s New Year (held during April) and celebrations run for many days leading up to, during and after. It involves water being splashed around and water pistol fights – it’s a great deal of fun for some – for others its a great opportunity to enjoy the hotel with your new girlfriend.

Because Pattaya is built for international tourists pleasure all the major global celebrations take place just as they would in their country of origin. From Chinese New Year to Sant Patrick’s Day it all happens in Pattaya.

June, July, August, September & October are hot, horny and sometimes very wet. This is when we will see rain at times, and it’s heavy. But the good thing is it’s usually during the day and clears by late evening. In the event that it does rain day and night, there are plenty of very enjoyable indoor activities – we have got you covered on that one, we won’t let you down.

One thing to keep in mind is the Bucha public holidays.

There are a few throughout the year and it does mean no alcohol and the bars are usually closed. During this time at Windmill Club we will close the bar at midnight and reopen the bar at midnight the following day – so you can still get naughty.

November Thailand celebrates it’s own Valentines Day (they celebrate it on Feb 14 also) it’s called Loy Krathong.

Although the month is always November the actual day changes from year to year. This is a great time to get to the beach early evening and let go of a sky lantern or decorated sea float and make a wish – it’s a great spectacle. November is also when the weather really cools down and Pattaya starts to ramp up in visitor numbers.

To be honest each time of the year offers its own unique benefits and my recommendation is come when you can. When it best fits your schedule and budget back home. Because one thing is for sure and anyone will tell you that your first time to Pattaya will not be your last.

See you at the club